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We founded Going Merry because we want every student to have equal access to life-changing education. We have started by making it easy for students to find and apply directly for scholarships. The current process is so complicated that students are not even aware of the scholarships available to them. And with each one that they do find they are redirected to a different website and have to start a new application from scratch. It’s unnecessary and confusing, at a time when students are overwhelmed. 

We also make it simple for providers to create and manage their scholarships. When we speak to them about our plan for a single scholarship application platform they are always positive. They like the idea as they, like all of us, are trying to help students. However, they always ask us for proof that schools and students want our platform to exist.


We therefore created this petition to send to all scholarship providers, asking them to join Going Merry. We already have hundreds of schools across the US signed up. We would love your support too. Together we can make it easier for your students to find and apply for scholarships.

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528 schools have already signed!

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worth of scholarships go unclaimed each year


20,000 applications

would need to be completed per student to apply for all available scholarships


of scholarships are still using 

snail mail for submissions

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